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Upgraded Plugs for the Euphony XLR Synergy scoops What Hi-Fi Best Stereo Interconnect Award

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Discover astounding audio and video with Brilliance Hi-Fi’s range of phono leads, av interconnect cables and speaker cable. Receiving excellent reviews in Hi-Fi+, What Hi-Fi, Hi-Fi Choice and Hi-Fi World, our hi-fi and av cables are designed for both audio and home cinema enthusiasts.

Developed and manufactured by a company that pride themselves on performance, value and service, our comprehensive and co-ordinated cable portfolio includes:

  • Audio interconnects / phono leads
  • Multi-channel interconnects
  • Digital interconnects
  • Sub-woofer interconnect cables
  • RGB component video leads
  • Composite video interconnects
  • RGBS & RGBHV projector / HDTV cables
  • Speaker cable & Bi-wire speaker cable

The WHF 5* Clarity interconnect with its advanced screening arrangement is equally suitable for both digital and active sub-woofer applications, while the award-winning Synergy interconnects are tremendous with audio, multi-channel and video applications, (refer to our recent Hi-Fi Choice and Hi-Fi World reviews). The Euphony completes our audio interconnect range and these are geared towards those audiophiles seeking the very best audio accessories, thus optimising the performance from their Hi-Fi or home cinema system. Finally we have the complementary Prodigy speaker cable range, available in either single or bi-wire cable formats and with a number of connector options, and watch out for flagship pure silver Agility speaker cables over the coming months .

For those seeking balanced connections, our Purity, Symmetry and Euphony leads will help you on your way to audio heaven. Watch out for impartial reviews in the near future.

All of our products are custom-made in Manchester , UK . Our dealership network is expanding by the month but if there is no availability in your area, cables can be purchased direct. If you would like to try before you buy, the listed dealerships and ourselves have a number of demonstration cables that are available for you to use and evaluate with your own system in your own home. Please give us a call to discuss.

All Brilliance Hi-Fi cables have relatively low inductance, capacitance and resistance, LCR, and their neutral sonic characteristics make them ideally suited to longer audio and av applications. You will find our pricing structure for these longer interlinks very competitive.

As with leading brands such as Nordost and Chord, all Brilliance Hi-Fi cables benefit from a coherent design philosophy, the use of similar materials and clearly grouped in terms of relative performance levels.

Other website pages contain information on what to consider when buying Hi-Fi and av cables, details of our design philosophy and the benefits of our audiophile cabling solutions, together with comprehensive details of the products on offer and how to order.


Euphony Audio Interconnect Euphony

Purity AES/EBU Digital Cable Purity

Euphony Balanced XLR Audio Interconnects Euphony XLR

Synergy Phono Lead Synergy

Prodigy Speaker Cable Prodigy

Clarity Sub-Woofer Interconnect Sub-Woofer

Clarity Component Video Cable Component Video

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