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The Prodigy range of pre-terminated single-wire and bi-wire speaker cables from Brilliance Hi-Fi definitely live up to the definition in musical terms of "a cause of wonder".

Rather than take our word for it, a bi-wired pair of the Prodigy speaker cables have recently been reviewed by Hi-Fi World where they said “That honour, [the best outright], goes to the Brilliance Prodigy which has the most neutral sound, which was initially underwhelming but soon began to beguile. It could handle all of the divergent music thrown at it with a balanced authority, never emphasising one aspect over another“. Other words and phrases from the review include;

  • Completely neutral
  • Unflappable
  • Tight, focussed and disciplined
  • Excellent

Click here to read the full review.

Prodigy Bi-Wire Speaker CableFor many home cinema and audio enthusiasts, a single-wire Prodigy speaker cable with standard Profigold² banana plugs or Ixos spades should prove more than adequate. It is the view of many that a good quality single-wire speaker cable is better than some bi-wired set-ups so if your hi-fi system currently uses bi-wire cabling, you could consider single-wire Prodigy cables given their quite remarkable performance.

For those seeking the best, Prodigy bi-wire speaker cables will provide astounding results. If your amplifier has only one set of speaker terminals, we simply provide a second set of Prodigy speaker cables terminated with the first pair at the amplifier end. If your amplifier has two sets of speaker terminals, we recommend that you simply purchase two sets of single-wire Prodigy speaker cables. If a no-compromise solution is sought, we are considering an option to upgrade to the WBT¹-0644 locking banana or the WBT¹-0660 Cu 6.4mm spade.

Where customers equally value stereo performance as well as home cinema reproduction, we can provide a mix of speaker cables with single wire for the centre and satellites and bi-wire for the main front channels.

The Prodigy range of Teflon-insulated speaker cables employ similar construction materials to the rest of the Brilliance product range, thus ensuring common sonic characteristics. The electrical characteristics of the Prodigy cables are impressive with a capacitance & inductance of only 161pF/m and 0.22uH/m respectively, making them ideal for longer length applications.

A word of caution - the very low inductance/capacitance of the Prodigy cables make them less well suited to a small number of 'unstable' amplifiers that are designed to operate with cables with particular electrical properties, such as Naim. If you are in any doubt, please contact your amplifier manufacturer for clarification.

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¹WBT is a registered trademark of WBT Industrie GmbH.

²Profigold is a registered trademark of Profigold Cables.

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